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Any and all Stiffany Mannequin orders submitted between Friday, March 21st - Sunday, March 30th, will begin shipping out the 1st week of April.  Thank you in advance for your understanding as our staff will be on Premier's Designer Cruise.   

God Bless, 

Your Stiffany Mannequins Team


We strive to ship your order within 3 'business days' of being placed. If not... you receive a 'Bracelet Bar Accessory for your Stiffany Mannequin' on us!  

NOTE: You must redeem the bracelet bar prior to shipping of your mannequin to receive for free if/when your order hasn't shipped within 3 business days to: stiffany@perfectlypremier.com.  

If you place an order for one of our popular Mannequin/Bracelet Bar combos and your order is not shipped out by the 3rd business day (excluding weekends/holidays), we will refund your bracelet bar accessory cost no questions asked, again you must redeem prior to shipping of your mannequin order.  It's a win/win for you!   Thank you!

*** NEW ***

Bracelet Bar Accessory


Through popular request, we have designed a fully attachable bracelet bar for Stiffany Mannequin!   You are going to LOVE being able to show your bracelets and watches at your jewelry shows with this awesome accessory! 


Thank you for choosing Stiffany Mannequins!

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